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Re: [cdi-devel] [PATCH v2 5/9] cdi.h: Add cdi_handle_bus_device()

On 16.04.2015 23:50, Kevin Wolf wrote:
On Thu, Apr 16, 2015 at 12:13:54AM +0200, Max Reitz wrote:
+ Currently, all devices provided on a bus have to be passed to the
   init_device() function of all drivers handling any device type on that
   bus. cdi_handle_bus_device() can be used by the driver to specify a
   pattern (struct cdi_bus_device_pattern) which allows the CDI
   implementation to speed up the selection of the correct driver for a
   new device.

Signed-off-by: Max Reitz <max@xxxxxxxxxx>
As you still haven't convinced me that you only speak Saxionian and no
German, bilingual documentation, please. ;-)

Bah. Ähmal Dogumendazschioun zu schraim war mir ganz bersöhnlisch nu or schon fast ä bissel zu viel, da wäsch nu ni, obsch das ohch noch dobblt hinkriesche. ;-)

diff --git a/include/cdi.h b/include/cdi.h
index 998e080..9c1c1b1 100644
--- a/include/cdi.h
+++ b/include/cdi.h
@@ -141,6 +141,17 @@ struct cdi_bus_data {
+ * This structure, which is extended by any bus type supporting it, contains
+ * information about which devices can be handled by a certain driver.
+ * Typically, it will contain some of the fields provided by the appropriate
+ * cdi_bus_data structure (the ones which are used to identify a device like
+ * device/vendor ID) where negative values signify a "don't care".
+ */
+struct cdi_bus_device_pattern {
+    cdi_device_type_t bus_type;
   * \german
   * Beschreibt ein Gerät
   * \endgerman
@@ -406,6 +417,19 @@ int cdi_provide_device(struct cdi_bus_data* device);
  int cdi_provide_device_internal_drv(struct cdi_bus_data* device,
                                      struct cdi_driver* driver);
+ * Tells the CDI implementation that the driver @drv is able to handle devices
+ * with the pattern @pattern (appearing on the bus @pattern->bus_type). This
+ * function can be called multiple times. Any device appearing on the bus not
+ * fitting the pattern will not be passed to the @drv->init_device() function.
+ * That function may however return NULL even after the driver has used this
+ * function, that is, it is valid to call this function with a @pattern that
+ * does not only fit devices handled by @drv but others as well (which can then
+ * be rejected by letting @drv->init_device() return NULL).
+ */
+void cdi_handle_bus_device(struct cdi_driver* drv,
+                           struct cdi_bus_device_pattern* pattern);
Is this supposed to be called in drv->init_driver()? If so, could be
worth mentioning.

I didn't intend any constraints for it, but limiting it to init_driver() seems reasonable.

Ideally it would just be part of the static driver declaration instead
of a separate function, but I imagine this is hard to achieve with both
the driver and device pattern being subclassed.

Initially, I made it part of the static driver declaration, but then I didn't really want to go into having a variable-length array for multiple bus device patterns as part of the driver structure...