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Re: [cdi-devel] [PATCH] CDI.audio

Kevin Wolf wrote:
> I guess the decision we have to make here is whether this should appear
> as nine independent devices to the OS, or as one device providing
> multiple inputs and outputs.
> As a user I think I would expect that some kind of device manager shows
> the one sound card I have, not one input device and one output device
> (sorry, I don't have as fancy hardware as you ;-)) which aren't separate
> boards in my computer.

Well, as a user, I would not see the sound card but the nine different input and output devices (microphones, loud speakers, earphones, whatever), thus I'd expect six different output devices offered by the OS, too. ;-)

However, there's little chance there will ever be "normal" users using our OS, hence we just have to find the way which is working best. ;-)