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[cdi-devel] [RFC] Getting the physical address of a virtual buffer


This is just a small proposal which shouldn't be taken too serious (I won't provide a patch here before you don't acknowledge). ;-)

There is actually some hardware which has no problem at all using unaligned buffers, for example the USB host controllers when it's about specifying the transmit buffer. It would be a pity if one had to allocate a new memory area and to copy the contents of a virtual buffer into the newly allocated one just for having a physical address, thus I propose introducing some kind of function which translates a virtual address into a physical one (yes, those hardware is also capable of handling physically incontinuous memory areas).

I know the current approach would be to use one CDI memory area all over in the driver layers (as far as possible) but in that way you couldn't use buffers which are located on the stack, for example.

Thus, I think it would be nice to have such a function (which shouldn't be too hard to implement, if it's about that).

Well, what do you think about it?