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[tyndur-devel] How to install tyndur-gcc without lpt tool.

Hi guys,
I’m playing with and testing the tyndur system.
Have once installed all packages with <source postinstall-bin> and test it with succes.
Now in another situation i want install applications manual, before i create the hd image, (without lpt)
so i unzip as example the nano package in the root/apps directory, create a new hd image and test it and nano works fine.
Now i try to do the same with gcc and libc but this is another story and need a little support for the right directory structure and path settings.
Have try the following but it fails :
1. unzip libc in system dir
2. unzip gcc in apps dir
3. create new hd image and start tyndur
4. set PATH file:/apps/;file:/apps/gcc/4.2.2/bin
5. gcc –o test test.c
Get a unknown error 5 and gcc failed to build.
I know that doing it this way is not confirm the tyndur rules but i’m wondering if it’s possible and how
configure gcc to do it this way.
Best Regards,
Arthur Verberkt,
The Netherlands